We know that foundation settling can be stressful and with over 35 years of knowledge and experience we want to put you at ease. Many customers find that their foundation has settled quickly after many years with no prior signs at all. This can be due to severe weather patterns, such as extreme drought or excessive rain. Soils with heavy concentration of water can double in weight causing stress against your foundation. Extreme drought can cause the soil under your foundation to shrink and collapse leaving a void between the ground and your foundation. Other reasons for foundation problems are bad drainage, ground movement and poor construction. Any of the above can cause your foundation to shift and settle. Watch for the signs of foundation problems listed below.

We install round, helical steel piers into the ground beneath your foundation using a small rubber track machine. The pier achieves optimal depth when it reaches stable bearing. If the pier alone is not able to reach stable bearing, we will add extensions until this depth is reached. By using the small rubber track machine, there is minimal disturbance to your yard and landscaping.

You may have read or heard that there are many different methods available for foundation repair and each has its own purpose. We can install each type of pier on the market, we even have a couple of patents on a particular method; however, in our experience, we have found helical steel piers are the most effective and work the best for our soil conditions.

Signs of Foundation Problems

  • Cracks in interior walls
  • Cracks in brick
  • Doors and windows hard to open or close
  • Cracks in brick fireplace walls
  • Joints around windows or door frames pulling away from caulking
  • Roof leaks although roofing material is in good shape
  • Floors beginning to slope

For more information on how to care for your foundation, click this link published by the Foundation Repair Association (FRA) Foundation Maintenance