Texas Weather can be unpredictable. Who would have guessed how wet this August has been? What efffect can all that rain have on your home’s foundation?
Minor Cracks
Small cracks in the concrete of your home’s foundation can form. These are not necessarily a major problem, but they could indicate a potentially larger issue down the line.
Foundation Settling
When a foundation is subject to heavy rains over a prolonged period of time and this is followed by dry condition, it can lead to sinking foundations. How can you tell if your home’s foundation has begun to sink? Look for these tell-tale signs: A leaning chimney, stair step cracks in your brickwork, cracks around doors and windows, doors that stick, or won’t shut properly.

If you believe your home’s foundation may be suffering damage, call the professionals at Power Jack. We will investigate the issue thoroughly and recommend a solution.