Drainage Solutions

Taking care of drainage issues is a very important step in preventing future or further foundation problems. Our Estimator will determine what type of correction is needed based on your homes needs. We provide all types of drainage corrections including: french drains, root barriers, retaining walls, concrete ditches, and pumps. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

French Drain
A French Drain is a series of ditches lined with rock or gravel used to draw water away from an area. The drain is used to protect the foundation of a house from ground and surface water that does not drain properly on its own. Using the forces of gravity, French Drains are installed down from the area to be drained to an area that can support the redirected water.

Root Barrier
Since trees surrounding a home can each absorb 100 – 600 gallons of water each day, they definitely impact the expansion and contraction of the soil around and under the foundation. A Root Barrier is a physical separator between tree roots and the soil you don’t want them to infiltrate. It diverts roots downward, decreasing the moisture levels around your home.